A type of liquefied petroleum gas used as a source of fuel by households and industrial manufacturers Mainly sold as household fuel through LPG distributors. A small portion is also sold to industrial manufacturers that use LPG as a source of fuel for their own production.


An organic compound extracted from raw LPG Sold to other petrochemical producers to produce chemical intermediates such as polypropylene, vinyl.


A major derivative of propylene – a thermoplastic polymer which is resistant to chemicals and heat Mainly sold to plastic manufacturers to produce plastic products for various industrial applications (i.e. flexible packaging, rigid packaging, automotive and consumer products).

Purified Isobutylene

A colourless gas that can form explosive mixtures with air

Methyl Tert-butyl Ether (MTBE)

Highly flammable liquid that forms explosive mixtures with air


About 55% of hydrogen produced around the world is for ammonia synthesis, 25% in refineries, 10% for methanol productions and 10% for other applications

Transportation & logistics Business

Dongming ChangShun and ChangShun-Ganyu subsidiaries are in the business of providing transportation & logistics on oil and petrochemical products